15 Months: a recap


You are in the 90th percentile height! You have celebrated being 32 inches tall by learning to open up doors; you like to surprise people who have forgotten to lock the door to the bathroom.

We are working on simple chores like putting toys away. But your favorite chore is the one you do with Auntie Kirsten…




Your vocabulary is growing every day, and you love being understood. Last night you went into the kitchen, pointed at the iHome, and said, “go!” Daddy put on that song by Sandra McCracken, and you danced around and sang, “go!” at all the wrong moments.

Fine motor skills? Check. At eight am on Christmas morning (for reasons I still do not understand), Aunt Jessie handed you a Butterfinger from her stocking. You had that sucker open and half eaten in about 30 seconds.

You are very friendly. You say hi to mostly everyone, and blow them kisses goodbye. You love love love when we call daddy on the phone before naptime and you get to tell him lots of things that sound like nonsense. Last week we went to the zoo and you blew kisses goodbye to the porcupines.

You are very busy most of the time, but you’ll return to my lap and put your head on my shoulder sometimes now. I love you, baby girl.



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