On playing: 14 months

All I can say is: toys are overrated. I love the way Naomi plays at this stage. Last night we tried to play with oobleck from one of those post-a-day kid fun blogs (this woman is totally winning at the mommy war. or something). It was so. cool. Um, to me. But Naomi said, Whatever. Let me go re-stack those books that are sitting in the hallway again…

So. These ideas are not really Pinterest-worthy. But they are awesome to the fourteen-month old who could not be more excited about playing with keys and a car door. For an hour. But it is how we really play…


Claimed this baby from the recycling bin. Yessss. At Renee’s suggestion, we added clothespins. Note the look of determination. Lid on, lid off.

Decorating a present for Aunt Cate with some brown paper (packaging material from the Amazon shipment from whence it came).


The box from Amazon AKA the gift that keeps on giving. It is not doing a whole lot for my living room decor situation but man, is it fun.


The lid basket– emptied 1-2x daily. Add a plastic bag, lid and magnet together for some in-and-out goodness and you’re practically in a sensorial wonderland (Note: when your sweet husband offers to give you 15 more minutes of sleep beyond 6:30 am, you do. not. question the outfit upon waking.)


At the sink while I prep dinner. Our kitchen is on the small side so I can keep close.


This I just find hilarious. I was culling some toys from earlier in babyhood and last night’s pans we used for oobleck were still sitting in the hallway. Naomi immediately brought the two together for a sorting game.


This one: be still my heart. She grabbed this from my hand while I was sweeping up. You want to sweep? Never mind about our original designs on your Christmas gift– we’ll get you some toddler cleaning supplies. Next project: working on picking up BEFORE we sweep.


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